Sunday, 13 August 2017

In Defence Of Liberty

In the near future the last Beacon of Liberty is under threat, and protected only by a forcefield and a small force of tanks and soldiers.

But the enemy is advancing. A simple-minded AI war-machine, controlled by a series of 140 character messages, the Tremendous Robotic UnManned Pulveriser Mk 1 is advancing on the Beacon of Liberty, bristling with  missiles, auto-cannon and a plasma gun.

The defenders spread out.

The TRUMP-1 advances. Slowly.

First shots. The tanks fire, but can't penetrate TRUMP-1's impervious armour. The cyber-tank returns fire and destroys one of the defenders.

More fire is exchanged. The TRUMP-1 AI pauses to consider its options.

Wary of using up all of its ammunition, TRUMP-1 uses it's great bulk to simply crush the opposition.

And again.

A single shot destroys the fourth and final tank. But TRUMP-1 has now used up its auto-cannon ammo.

Missile launchers open up from the hill. TRUMP-1 returns fire with its own missiles, using them up as well, but failing to destroy the valiant defenders. It now only has the massive plasma-cannon remaining.

TRUMP-1 continues to advance.

The defenders rush infantry forward. TRUMP-1 elects to ignore them; they are too puny a target on which to waste the plasma-cannon, and running them down would divert it from the main target.

The Beacon of Liberty is now in sight. One missile tank withdraws, out of missiles.

The other missile tank fires, inflicting a hit on the cyber-tank. As it pauses to reset its weapons systems, the infantry attack, but can't score any damage.

TRUMP-1 moves into close range and powers up the plasma-cannon.

BOOM! Liberty's torch is extinguished forever.

Well, I said in another post that I wanted to try a single cyber-tank against a horde of defenders using Mighty Monsters/Samurai Robots Battle Royale. This was a pretty small game in terms of points - approximately 220pts a side. The tanks and infantry were lifted from the book. The missile tanks have the same stats as the regular ones, but are fitted with C3L missiles and cost 35pts each. Finally, here's the stats for TRUMP-1

Head Q4 C3 - Autocannon (Twin-linked, C2M, Unlimited Ammo), Plasma-cannon (C4L), AI Controlled, Light Armour
Body Q4 C4 - Missiles (C3M), Heavy Armour
Tracks Q4 C3 - Slow

To be honest the C4 on the Body, linked with the Heavy Armour made it near impossible for the army units to hurt the cyber-tank; I'd look at a redesign to balance things up before playing this again. However in principle the game worked out how I wanted it to and whiled away a pleasant hour.


  1. Great write-up. Actually I think the TRUMP-1 would have extraordinarily thin skin vice Heavy Armor.

  2. Replies
    1. Events overtook the writeup; it appears the cyber-tank needs more Nazi iconography :)

  3. Replies
    1. It's a great tank. It has all the best guns. Everyone says so. Other tanks use fake tactics. Sad.


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