Sunday, 18 November 2012

Rebasing Yanks And Rebs

Rebasing is every wargamer's least favourite task. I find myself doing it from time to time, often because decisions I made about basing 15 or 20 years ago no longer seem sensible, and I know I can improve things. To be fair most of my rebasing efforts have involved armies for HOTT, which are generally 10-15 elements in size, so it isn't really too much of a chore.

Rebasing a heap of 6mm ACW troops is more of an effort, though. In my last post I outlined what I was attempting to do. I spent a lot of today (when I wasn't out at a local billy-cart derby) advancing the project as far as I could.

I have now based enough troops to proceed to the next stage, which is texturing and painting.

Here they are:

Nearly all bases are 20mm squares.

Infantry - Eight figures to a base, four bases to a unit.
Cavalry - Three figures to a base, four bases to a unit.
Dismounted Cavalry - Four figures to a base, three bases to a unit, plus one base of horseholders
Artillery - Individually based; one gun to a unit. I also based a few limbers on 20mm x 30mm bases.
Generals - Two figures to a base. I also based some senior commanders three figures to a 25mm square base.

I have enough troops to replace all of the figures in either edition of 'Battle Cry' - ten four-base infantry units, three three-base cavalry units, three two- or three-base artillery units* and three generals. The dismounted cavalry can be used with other rules, along with the extra base in each cavalry unit.

If I wanted to I could probably come up with another cavalry unit for each side (mounted and dismounted), along with five or six more infantry units. Oh, and I could double the amount of artillery as well. And that's just from the painted figures I have; I know full well there are a number of packs of Heroics and Ros ACW figures in my unpainted lead pile.

Here's a close-up of the infantry:

*For original 'Battle Cry' I can just use the two guns. The newer edition increases artillery to three 'figures', so I plan to add in the limbers - each unit will be two guns and a limber.

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