Wednesday 31 May 2023

Alexander vs The Inca

My first game in our new house.

Unlike our previous place, I don't have enough room in my new office at present to also have a dedicated gaming space. Maybe further down the line, when I have the storage organised, there might be possibilities, but for now I have returned to playing games on the dining table.

So here's our new dining room. It's still a bit disorganised, whilst we sort out where things need to go, but it not only has the dining table in it, but also all of our books, the majority of our boardgames and some space for Catherine to have her desk for work as well.

Back to the game. A lot of my HOTT armies are down in the garage, which is where most of my soldiers will live now, but I did keep a few odds and end separate when we moved so I could get back into games before the unpacking had finished. My Renaissance Alexander army was one and, for some reason, my Inca. So they are the ones that feature in my first game! 

The Inca defended.

The Great Inca watches Alexander's phalanx advance from the lofty heights of his litter.

The Inca extended their line to meet the Macedonian attack. But Alexander had artillery and was initially happy to sit back ans let it do its work.

With no way of replying to the steady bombardment which, it has to be said, had had no effect so far, the Inca attacked.

Alexander and the Great Inca met in the centre.

The Companions held the fight flank against the Inca heroes.

Alexander fought the Great Inca in the centre; it was a stalemate.

After the first combats both lines were a little ragged and the Inca had lost a horde.

The Inca regulars charged Alexander's gun, and overran it.

The Hypaspists were wiped out as well. The Inca were on a roll in the centre.

On the far flank the Inca hordes were falling back, but slowly. This tied up much of Alexander's phalanx.

The Companions fell beck from the Inca heroes, hoping to gain some space to move and bolster the centre. But the Inca kept pressing them. In the centre Alexander forced the Great Inca back.

Inca heroes pushed forward, supported by lesser troops. 

Alexander found himself under attack from front and flank, but managed to hold his ground.

The Inca were driven back.

The Companions were being pushed to the very edge of the battlefield as the heroes drove forward.

Alexander was surrounded again. And this time, although the combat was close, he did not survive. The Great Inca was victorious.

The Inca won 9g-2, losing two hordes against a hero general, artillery and a warband. Alexander couldn't really come back from an aggressive Inca attack along the line that pinned his whole army and prevented him from repairing a gaping hole in his centre-right.

Still, a nice simple game and a great way to christen the new house.

Catherine and I played Jaws this evening, but I didn't get any pictures. The shark got in plenty of kills in the first half, before the crew attached two barrels to it, and definitely had the upper hand going into the second half of the game. But the crew of the Orca fought back and, whilst most of the boat was destroyed, used a flare to inflict a load of early damage on the shark, whilst Quint relentlessly hacked it up with his machete. As the last of the boat began to disappear, Brody shot and killed the shark with his revolver to win the game for the crew.

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  1. A top looking game Kap. It's always beaut to have a lot of space, but your post adds (further) truth to the observation that you don't need a large table to have a good looking and enjoyable game.
    Regards, James


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