Thursday, 4 April 2013

Clobberin' Time - Progress

I've been quite thrilled by the reception that Clobberin' Time has been getting, both from people who have read the game reports and from those few who have actually played it. I have been working hard on it, tidying up text and getting the wording just so, and am almost ready to release a draft version to the world. There are still gaps in it, and almost certainly areas that don't work as well as they should, but really I'm at the point where some feedback and suggestions might be useful. Obviously once it's uploaded I will announce it here.

Not done this fight yet ...
Recent test games have seen The Scarlet Witch single-handedly holding off The Juggernaut (although not for long enough), Captain Britain in a epic fight with Captain America (as previously documented in this blog), the Fantastic Four being outwitted and outfought by an ad-hoc villain team led by The Crimson Dynamo, and Sabretooth and Deadpool fighting The Hulk and each other, as a team of guns-for-hire and one of villains competed to be the first to defeat the green monster.
I have to say that even the process of drafting and testing the rules have given me more fun with my Heroclix figures than I have had with them at any time in the six or seven years since I first acquired them. So anything else now is a bonus.

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