Friday, 1 March 2013

The Battle Of The Three Armies

It would have been the Battle of the Five Armies, but PIP starvation and an aggressive attack by the Dwarven contingent basically saw the Men of Dale and the Wargs take very little part in things.

Here's the setup of the game as it currently stands. We now have a Lonely Mountain, but it needs painting. The spurs are virtually finished, and the Gate needs completing. Most of the figures are done - a few Elves need finishing off, as well as the element with Gandalf and Bard on it.

A close-up of one of the Goblin forces - the one with lots of Wargs in. Most of the figures are John's, but the paler wolves are some old ones I bought from Essex about 30 years ago. I painted them but, up until a few weeks ago, and never used them in a game. Ever. So the moral is to always hang on to your old figures - you never know when they might come in useful.

I didn't take any more pictures of the game, but I did get a shot of some of Ralph's tanks getting destroyed on the other table.

The Goblins lost again. The main force, under Bolg, became embroiled with the Elves, whilst the other force spent most of its PIPs dealing with a flanking rush from Dain's Dwarves. Bolg was killed, and the lack of PIPs did for the main Goblin command; the Elves slowly and methodically destroyed it. Thorin did appear from under the mountain to deal with some sneaky Goblins creeping down the mountainside, but Beorn and the Eagles had a day off - they were never needed.


  1. "Ralph's tanks getting destroyed on the other table" - How rude! Your conciseness, though strictly speaking accurate, is a miracle of disinformation that would have done Pravda proud!

    You know fine well that I have decided the only way to put a stop to my losing streak is to umpire!

  2. And its not 'destroyed', its 'pinned', so 'Ner!' - Actually that particular T34 was pinned and then unpinned 4 times in that game, so the crew must have been having a torrid time of it!

    1. I don't like to let reality get in the way of a good story ;)

  3. Well I've pinched your photo for TMP, so all is forgiven!

  4. I scrolled a little too quickly and found myself asking "When did orcs get T-34s?"

    Good report


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