Friday, 22 March 2013

Five Armies - Dress Rehearsal

I say 'Dress Rehearsal', but no-one wore a dress. Not even me.

Anyway, the figures are all painted, the terrain's done and we're ready to go. This was a run-through just to see how the game looked.

Here's Thorin and friends outside The Gate:

Geoff and The Lonely Mountain:

Goblins and Wargs advance through the ruins of Dale:

The Men of Laketown and the Dwarves, plus Bard and Gandalf:

The Elves are outflanked by mountain-climbing Goblins who proceeded to wipe them out after killing Thranduil:

Thorin fights some Goblins. His performance was less than stellar:

The Eagles! The Eagles!

They got wiped out as well.

The last element of Wargs kills some men to win the battle for the Goblin/Warg Alliance:

Meanwhile, on another table, Ralph's tanks blew up. Again.

And that's it. We're all ready for GongCon next weekend.


  1. Looking, good, Kaptain! Have you posted the army lists for this scenario anywhere?

    1. Not yet - I'l probably do so when I write up the event. There's a few special scenario rules as well.

      The lists aren't strictly accurate to the book; they have been tweaked based on figure availability and the need for an interesting game.


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