Friday, 8 June 2012

The Thursday Report - Part Two

I knew Caesar wouldn't let me down - he recorded last night's game for posterity.

"With our regular battle photo journalist away it was just Geoff and me last night (sorry, no nice pics).

We agreed on a 48AP battle of 15mm HOTT, Geoff fielding a late medieval two-point-terror army with plenty of knights and me with my trusty Mycenaeans, predominantly spear and hordes, with a couple of heroic chariots and the Trojan horse masquerading as artillery.

Geoff was defending a fairly open expanse, except for an annoying ploughed field of rough-going right in the centre, which divided both our armies into their respective commands as the battle lines closed. There was some reconnaissance in force on my right flank as Geoff sallied forth with riders, only to withdraw them to the safety of a gentle hill as my heroes took to the field supported by my own riders.

Heavy infantry collided in the centre, Geoff cunningly pushing a band of several shooters through the ploughed field in the centre in support, with my blade centre helpless to respond. In one of the few times I have seen artillery do well, my Trojan horse cleared out one of Geoff’s strategically-placed shooters with a volley of ultra-long-range javelins, leaving the spears and blades to get on with the rugby scrum unmolested. My solely infantry force on the left flank fortunately contained several shooters of their own to face off against a flank attack by Goeff’s knights. Despite a rash charge by the knights, no losses were inflicted in the initial clash and things were not looking good for the shooters until… Geoff’s customary ones-rolling came into play and the knights started dropping on successive bounds. This eventually exposed Geoff’s C-in-C knight to a hinged flank attack by spears, with hordes in frontal contact. Hordes won, and we called it a day."

I wish Caesar had taken pictures - his Mycenaeans are gorgeous, and the Trojan Horse element is beautiful.

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