Friday, 17 February 2012

More Epic HOTT

Tyranid Exocrine
(c) Kaptain Kobold 2012
I had a trawl around the 'net looking for more stuff on Epic HOTT.

I found this post from the Wargame History blog, which has pictures and lists for a number of 24AP armies. The approach to classifying troops is different to the one I have used, so makes for a useful comparison.

There are two pieces I wrote for Jay's Solo Wargamer blog as well. They both cover Epic HOTT mini campaigns suitable for solo play - one features Orks, the other Space Marines. The latter includes the full rules for running the campaign, and it's a system which adapts well to other genres as well - a couple of months ago I  fiddled with a variant (Dux Bellorum) set in Dark Ages Britain, involving Arthur protecting his lands from marauding Saxons, Picts and Irish.

And that, it has to be said, seems to be it - as far as I can find. If anyone knows of any more sites, links or resources for HOTT using Epic 40K figures, then feel free to post them in the comments, and I'll include them here.

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