Saturday, 9 May 2020

Galley Progress - Update

I had a social Zoom call this morning, so whilst we all sat and nattered I did some more work on progressing my Renaissance galleys. I did all of the oars last night; this morning I added sails to the galleasses, and yards with furled sails to the galleys. The latter are strips of card cut from a creal packs, using the internal crease of the card to act as the yard. I'm on a roll at the moment.

Oh yes, those striped galleass sails? More Photoshop.

So all that's left to do for the galleys is to paint the yards, and finish the awnings, then glue them to that pile of completed bases.

Yes, completed bases. During the call I stripped all of my ships from the bases, added the texture, trimmed them and then reglued the models. I do still have to edge some of the bases, but I can do that over time. Maybe.

So all in all a good morning's work. And I mowed the lawn.

1 comment:

  1. Now I really liked your galleons - but these are even better! Top stuff!


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