Wednesday 17 April 2024

15mm Gladiators

The other day I finished another batch of painting - some 15mm gladiators. I started these last year but lost momentum on them. In the end it took under an hour to finish them, which just goes to show.

They are mostly Museum Miniatures, with one exception. I bought them years ago (back when I lived in the UK in fact). I just thought that it might be fun to have some 15mm figures for smaller more portable games. And that's still the plan now.

I painted one of each of the basic gladiator types from Blood, Sweat and Cheers, bar the Cestus. I have two figures for those and will complete them as a pair at some stage. In my games I tend to use the Cestus type for lightly-armed gladiators, but I couldn't find a suitable 15mm equivalent figure. 

Anyway, here'd the gladiators in  more detail. First the Veles (listed by Museum as a Gaetulian) and what I'm using as a Crupellarius. The latter is a Murmillo of some type but I added a bit of milliput armour.

Next is the Murmillo and the Hoplomachus.

Retiarius and Secutor.

Finally the Sagittarius, Thraex and Dimachaerus. The former is a spare Chariot Miniatures Nubian archer.

They aren't great figures, but there aren't many 15mm options (or there weren't when I bought these). As yet these chaps don't have names. 


  1. There were some 15mm gladiators available from Miniature Wars, available from Strategia Nova in Italy. Very nice figures - but with Brexit and all that, it’s now difficult to get figures from abroad ☹️

    1. Ordering from the UK to here isn't too bad, but the postage costs from the US are prohibitive at present.

  2. They look good 👍🏼. Are you using your own rules, or some you were play-testing a while back?
    (And thanks for mentioning Museum. I have a small ebay batch en route, Outpost figures, and may need a top up. )

    1. My own rules, 'Munera Sine Missione' are pretty much complete; Victor and I haven't done anything with them for years but they are basically where we want them to be. I haven't used them for a while though; my current game of choice is Ganesha's 'Blood, Sweat & Cheers', although for more detailed games I'm looking at an in-development set called 'Blood On The Sands' which uses a 'What A Tanker' style dice-pool activation system.

    2. Thanks…plenty of options! I’ll have a look at your ‘Munera……’ set, and keep an eye out for the others.


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