Friday 9 June 2023


This blog has been sadly neglected of late, as despite having a gaming space I simply haven't had the time or inclination to play any games. The new house is taking up some of the time, naturally, but we're being arsed around by the real-estate and owners of our previous property (a rental) and have had to go back to attend to a few things. This has done little to improve my views about landlords and real-estate agents and how they all deserve a date with Madame Guillotine come the revolution.

I have been doing a little bit of painting, which I'll cover in another post. And I do still get along to our club on a Thursday evening. This week I was playing HOTT with Geoff again. I took along my Inuit matched pair, whilst Geoff brought along his big box of medieval elements.

I defended in both games.

In the first I used my Inuit army, which has lots of shooters. Geoff had a mix of blades, knights and shooters with the support of a gigantic airboat (they had to have travelled to the Arctic in something).

The first combats saw my dog-sled riders driven back by knights, much as you'd expect.

Combat occurred all along the line, with the Inuit archery doing little to hold off Geoff's advance.

Well, mostly. I did have one brief period of success, but wasn't able to exploit the advantage.

I lost a dog-sled. Very careless.

And then I lost my flanks. Everything was going pear-shaped for the Inuit.

My shaman behemoth got ambushed by peasant lurkers. He ate them.

But my general got ridden down, and with my other losses that was enough to give Geoff the victory.

In the second game I used the Inland Dwellers of Etah, which are mainly beasts and hordes with a magician general.

I'm not really sure what I did in this game, aside from let Geoff advance to me and get into a far better position than I was in. I lost some beasts ...

... Geoff's flyer support helped there - he scrapped the airboat in this game and replaced it, and a cleric, with a flyer and a paladin.

Kajutaijuq has a go at Geoff's knight general. As a behemoth I just has to win the combat to destroy him. It wouldn't have won me the game - by this stage my losses exceeded his - but it would have given me a fighting chance.

It wasn't to be; Geoff's aerial support helped finish off the giant head. 

And then his paladin faced my magician general, in the big showdown.

I lost, although we came a single dice pip away from a mutually destructive draw.

And so I lost that game as well, with Geoff winning a convincing 14g-0 victory!


  1. Great report, Kaptain….and very effective snowy wasteland scenics, too. Couple of Q.’s -Were the dogsleds played as riders? - and are these MY Miniatures?

    1. The dog-sleds are, indeed, riders (they're basically single archer chariots, and there's at least one account of them being used like that in Siberia in the 17th century) and the figures are MY Miniatures. I realised on Thursday that I put together these Inuit armies over 20 years ago!


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