Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Forgotten Heroes - Slaymaster - Part 7

Slaymaster is complete!

I won't go through the tedious painting process in detail; It was mostly block colour and dry-brushing, with a thin ink wash into some of the recesses to pick out detail.

In the comics it's unclear what colour hair he has. It looks black, but is sometimes coloured with a little bit of brown, which may just be artistic highlighting. I opted to paint it black and give it a token brown dry-brush.

It was no trouble at all to use a fresh, sharp and sturdy scalpel blade to remove the figure from its original Heroclix base. I then glued him to a clear perspex base from Aetherworks.

Here he is in comparison to the original Daredevil figure. Yes; I had a duplicate; that's why I used the figure for the conversion in the first place. 

On the whole I'm very pleased with how Slaymaster has turned out, given that I wasn't sure I'd be able to deal with one or two of the technical or modelling issues involved. Once again, making things up as I went along stood me in good stead.

Here's all of the posts covering this conversion:

Old foes fight once again!

And finally, here he is with my Forgotten Heroes entries from last year (including the Marvel Girl I did as a practice run). From left to right: Captain UK, Marvel Girl, Slaymaster, Jenny Everywhere

Thanks to everyone who's followed this project over the past week or so. I'm not sure I will start a new figure this month, but I do have one I started and half-completed earlier in the year, so I will probably finish that off just to stay in the game.


  1. That's pretty terrific! Great job.

  2. Well done that man, nailed it! Great to see it with the original version and the other miniatures, a fabulous project all round.

  3. Very cool, great work captin!.

  4. The painting has really brought him all together, a fine piece of work Alan, well done.

    Cheers Roger (re-posted to the FH site)

  5. You should be pleased...that's a terrific conversion.

  6. Absolutely superb, Alan. Really captures the feel of the character. Now I want one too!


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