Wednesday, 26 August 2015

In Which I Make A Redoubt - Part 2

Flushed with the success of my first redoubt I started another one today, cutting out the pieces and doing the first bit of assembly before I headed off to work this morning.

This one has the proportions I was aiming for with the first. It's still a 10cm square with a 6cm square interior. Here's the base, with the interior walls stuck together. The interior walls are 12mm high, and I'm aiming for the log walls to be 15mm high from the base. I cut out the slope pieces as well, but they get stuck on after I have done the interior.

Fast forward to me getting home from work. Thirty minutes later I have this. I chopped lots of matchsticks up into roughly (very roughly) 15mm lengths and glued them around the interior walls. I then glued a floor of 5cm matchsticks on the inside. I use the cheapest, nastiest craft matchsticks, as they give a nice rough-hewn effect.

And finally I glued on the slopes. The big gaps are a testament to my inability to measure stuff accurately, but will be covered by loo roll and glue in the next stage.

Total time spent on this, excepting the design stage, is about 45 minutes. They really are quick to make. If you skip the accurate measurement anyway.

Meanwhile, here's some more shots of the first redoubt, now with a sand covering.

In this picture you can see the floor section removed. It will be glued in to the finished model, but not until after the interior is painted.

The interior with the floor inserted.

The underside of the floor. I have used a lot of matchsticks making these redoubts.

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