Saturday, 14 December 2013

Over The Front

Forget 'The Hobbit' - 'Over The Front', a tribute to Australian squadrons on the Western Front in WW1, is where it's at when it comes to Peter Jackson movies. It's only ten minutes long, but it contains some of the most amazing scenes of WW1 air combat I've ever seen on screen. 

Unfortunately there's only two ways you can see it. The first is to watch it at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, against a backdrop of five restored WW1 aircraft*, on a huge wide-screen and with glorious surround sound. And the other is to to watch it in this poor-quality You Tube video, taken at the memorial:

Apparently there are no plans for a commercial release. Given the format I can see why.

Worth going to Canberra to see, though.

*SE5a fighter, Airco DH9 bomber, Avro 504K trainer, Albatros D.Va. and Pfalz D.XII


  1. Thank you for posting - it is a superb film. If only Peter Jackson would stop wasting his talents on hobbits &c.....

  2. Peter Jackson is well known in this country as a military aircraft enthusiast. He has in the past been involved, I believe, in the annual Warbirds Over Wanaka (WOW) air show, near Queenstown.


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