Friday, 29 November 2013

Blitzkrieg Commander

We had a good turnout at the club last night, and ran two games of Blitzkrieg Commander using 1/300th models this time - a few members have been on a buying and painting spree.

One game was based around the French counterattack at Stonne in 1940; a French force had eight turns to capture a hastily defended village.

Geoff had some lovely Char-B1 tanks - I love how he's depicted the track marks behind them.

The other game was set in the early days of the German invasion of Russia.

Two German battlegroups were attempting to link up in the face of Russian opposition.

Results - The French burned, defeated by a couple of AT guns, some Pz IVs in the village, and their own poor command rolls.

The Russian game was still ongoing when I left; others will have to provide you with an update as to what happened.

I was late getting there, so didn't take part. I also had Catherine in tow. We played HOTT. But that's to come in another post.

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  1. Thanks Alan, a great post as usual - I would have thought the action at this scale would have been a challenge to photograph well even for your skills, but obviously not....

    For the record, the Paislinis scenario worked out historically with the Germans breaking throught the Russian defences on Day 2 of Barbarossa (Spoiler Alert - They get their comeuppance in the end...) For the Stonne game, the gallant French came a cropper - not sure if this is the historical outcome of that particular engagement, but overall the campaign was probably not the highlight of French Military history..


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