Sunday, 21 October 2012

Two Armies For $25

Almost seems a shame to paint them.
I've spent most of yesterday afternoon with glue and scalpel making the Risk armies for Maurice a little more permanent. I've glued the figures to the bases now, but also chopped a number of the flag-bearers off spare guns, stuck them to Milliput bases and included one in each infantry unit and one with each general.

I have also trimmed back the flags on some of the guns to make ramrods, and added an infantry figure to each base to give the gun two crew.

I went through the spare figures after that and, mixing colours within a unit, was able to make two more infantry units and one cavalry unit per side. So each army is now:

One General
Eight Infantry units
Four Cavalry units
Four Artillery units

The next stage is, perhaps, to think about painting them.

Here's the obligatory pictures.

Each infantry unit now has a colour-bearer, snipped from one of the many cannon that comes with the Risk set.

The generals also have a flag.

And each gun now has two crew.

The dashing, jolly, colourful Riskovians.

The dour, miserable Sans Couleur army.

Anyway, that's two small Maurice armies for $25. A bargain.

Mind you, I have about 40 cannon left over ...


  1. It looks like you could cut the barrel off and make limbers and other two-wheeled carts.

  2. I am still impressed by the genius of this project. Paint some test figures and see if it enhances your enjoyment. Right now Riskovia and Sans Color have a certain charm about them.

  3. The guns look good with 2 crew and I like what you did with the flag bearers. If there are the odd couple of figures left over they can be used to represent Notables (senior officers). You'd probably want one or two of these a side. Can't wait to see how they turn out painted.


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