Tuesday, 6 October 2015

What's That Coming Over The Hill? Is it A Monster?

I finished painting my excavator on a truck for 'Machinas last night. It looks delightfully impractical, but should be fun to use in a game - once I've worked out the rules for it.

Here's where I started from.

As you can see, I armoured up the cab of the excavator, and wrapped some heavy chains around the tracks. I also added a piston to the excavator arm just to bulk it out a little.

I actually used the base colours of the original vehicles, but applies washes and highlights to add a little depth and, to some extent, weathering.

As you can see, the excavator rotates, although I have glued the arm into a fixed position as otherwise it flopped around in a rather unaggressive manner.

The total cost of this beauty was $5 - $3 for the truck and $2 for the excavator.

Here it is in action, chasing one of last week's purchases (now called 'Dark Hydraulic') across the post-apocalypse landscape.


  1. What a brilliant contrivance. Maybe it's just the green paint on the truck, but it makes me think of something Orky.

    1. Orky vehicles are red, because red vehicles go faster :)

      I left it green because I liked the colour, I should have weathered it a bit more though; it does look a little too clean :)

  2. Well, the truck has just had its first game, as an NPC vehicle pursuing a bike, with the assistance of a bike and a buggy. Needless to say it struggled to overtake a motorbike in the early stages, but came close at the end when my bonus dice had been completely eroded. It was only some unlucky rolls which saw it not get into position to use the excavator arm on me, and then it would have been all over.

    Unfortunately the truck's first casualty was one of its own side, when the buggy skidded back into it and was shredded. It flipped back and landed on the pursuing bike, but the rider had just enough skill to swerve out of the way and avoid destruction.

    An exciting game.

  3. Brilliant. I have been reluctant (i.e. too bone ass lazy) to strip my vehicles - your washes are a great idea.

    1. I haven't stripped any of mine. If I'm going for a complete repaint I give them a sometimes give them a light sanding, and then an undercoat in black or white depending on mood. But for most vehicles, original colours or not, I just give them an initial undercoat of matt varnish. That generally seems to give a good surface to paint on.


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