Saturday, 24 October 2015

Seriously? More Cars?

Yes, more cars. I bought a Hot Wheels five-pack this week, because it had a nice station-wagon and an even nicer 1932 Ford roadster in it. It also contained some boring cars, so I thought I'd slap some random armour, spikes and guns on them and try out some new painting techniques. They came out better than expected.

A quick look at my painting table reveals over thirty more vehicles waiting for me to convert and paint.


  1. What were that pontine techniques you were trying?

    1. I say 'New' techniques. Really it was the same washing and drybrushing I normally do, but I did the weathering first and then applied the car colour afterwards as a wash in one case and a drybrush in the other. The colours are a lot more muted on the actual modes than the photos show.

  2. These look really good Alan. I am going to try a car (1955 Chevy) in 1/43 scale.

  3. A bit over 30 vehicles in the queue for conversion and painting? Lightweight! You should see my car lot ;)

    Nice work on these two :)


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