Friday, 2 October 2015

More Machinas Cars

I have a day off work today, partially so I can get stuff ready for MOAB, and partially because it's a long weekend anyway, and I wanted a longer one.

My plans for the day involved putting together all of the game stats and play-sheets for a game of Machinas tomorrow. What I actualy did was have an enormous cooked breakfast at my favourite local cafe, then paint some more cars, which I probably won't even use tomorrow.

Here they are.

First up is an off-road VW Beetle, which cost me a massive 50c in a charity shop. The weaponry will pass as a grenade-launcher or a flamethrower. Or just a chunky gun.

I liked the unusual lines of this one - another 50c purchase. Aside from armouring up the windows and completely repainting it in a dull brown from it's original Hot Wheels blue I have left it as I found it. It looks like the kind of vehicle that travels the roads of the post-apocalypse and avoids fights by out-running them.

This beauty is a racing vehicle, pure and simple. I couldn't resist the art-deco look and have again left it pretty much as I bought it aside from some repainting. Most of the black is the original paintwork.

None of the vehicles have names yet.

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