Friday, 2 October 2015


Geoff and I got in a couple of 36AP HOTT games last night in order to prepare for the HOTT competition at MOAB on Monday. Geoff is taking some kind of Medieval combo, made up mostly of knights and blades, whilst I am using my newly expanded Spawn of Tiamat army.

I used the Spawn in the first game. I defended and got Geoff to attack through a gap between two patches of bad going.

On my left I attacked with beasts against Geoff's archers. He didn't concentrate his fire in order to break up the line, allowing the beasts to attack with no overlaps. A few good rolls over a couple of bounds saw his shooters swept away. The other flank saw no activity; I covered it with hordes, and Geoff opted not to push past the bad going in order to take them on. This left the centre as the main fight; my knights and a behemoth against a line of blades. We both took casualties, but in the end Tiamat's spawn prevailed.

For the second game I used a combination of my Squidmen - mostly warband and knights - backed up by 12AP of riders and blades from my Elephantmen. Again I defended and again we ended up with a terrain where the battle would be in the gap between tow pieces of bad going; woods in this case. I used warband in the woods to cover my right flank and centre from breakthroughs. Geoff kept his shooters outside of teh woods, waiting for me to come out, something I didn't do until near the end of the battle.

Whilst there was hard fighting in the centre, my left flank saw the most interesting combats, with Geoff's riders holding a hill against my Elephantman blades. We both fed our reserves into the fight, and generally Geoff had the upper hand in factors, but couldn't convert them to kills.

Once again his army accumulated losses faster than mine did, the winning kill also accounting for his general.

Once again the 36AP games gave a hard fight, although the setup does favour certain types of armies over others; ones which are PIP intensive tend to struggle. But we will see how it all plays out on Monday.


  1. There were some intriguing armies on display last night. Good luck to the both of you in Monday's tourney!

    1. You were almost right about that wood as well. There wasn't a lot of fighting actually in it, but I was able to anchor my warband in it to pin and attack Geoff's troops near it.


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