Sunday, 18 October 2015

Siberian Khatru

I am continuing to fiddle with changes to the Machinas rules, but I'm still turning out new vehicles as well. This is the latest. How would you fancy seeing this in your rear-view mirror?

I had fun putting together this delightfully impractical vehicle. It's pretty simple though - a Hot Wheels 'Hi-Way Hauler' with a resin T34/85 turret on top.

I added some metal plates made from card to look like improvised repairs.

I also distressed the original truck to give it a battle-damaged look.

Painting was a simple coat of green with lots of washes and dry-brushing, similar work on the metallic bits and then a few layers of brown and yellow-brown dry-brushing for the dust and dirt.

I may add some slogans and a red star or two, but at the moment I like it how it is.

You wouldn't want to go around a corner at any speed in that thing though.


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