Saturday, 10 October 2015

Frocktober 2015

It's October again, and that can only mean one thing. No, not Tanktober. No, not Orktober. But yes to FROCKTOBER!

Frocktober is an annual event organised by the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation here in Australia in order to raise awareness of, and funds to help fight, (you've guessed it) ovarian cancer. Here's what they say:

Ovarian cancer is an insidious disease, often known as a “silent-killer” as symptoms are vague and often strike without warning. Unlike many other cancers there is no early detection test. Consequently ovarian cancer is often diagnosed in its late stages and only 20%-30% of women will survive beyond five years of diagnosis. In comparison, survival rates increase to 80-100% when ovarian cancer is detected and treated early.

The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation is Australia’s pre-eminent ovarian cancer research body. Our goal is to raise ovarian cancer awareness and vital funds for the development of an early detection test that will save women’s lives.

We receive no government funding and rely on the support of our community and business supporters to assist in driving our research forward.

The classic way to raise funds is to wear a dress every day in October. Obviously that's fine for some, but despite my tendencies in that direction I'm not sure it would go down too well at work. My choice is to frock up at least once during the month, get some nice pictures and then use them to convince you and others to donate to one of the people or teams who are doing the full frock extravaganza. For the last couple of years I have followed fellow-blogger Kim-Marie, who organises Team Kimba Likes but you may wish to sponsor Jude and Bethany at my favourite retro/vintage boutique in Wollongong, Something For Doris

On with the photos, taken on a convenient bit of lawn in picturesque Berrima in the NSW Southern Highlands after a long, hard day looking around shops, visiting a home and garden fair, frequenting cafes and (it has to be said) bemusing small children.

The lovely Rachel is wearing a garish frock that has been described by others as 'the Eighties trying to do the Fifties'. There's a full petticoat underneath because, trust me, they are awesome. The lurid shoes were an impulse purchase from a sale-rack. The story of my life.

Here's some obligatory gaming content - a quick game of Machinas after I got home, but before I reverted to my default gender presentation.

Thank you for your support.


  1. Morning Rachel, well done, you make a lovely young lady! The shoes are great, no need to worry. Cheers


    1. I do have a tendency to buy shoes that I can't then match to outfits. It's so much easier for blokes - you just buy black :)

  2. or brown, even if that is a fundamentally wrong thing to do!


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