Friday, 30 October 2015

No Flames of Wars

Caesar continued his journey to the Dark Side last night, and played some more Flames of War, under the guidance of the Dark Lord of the Flames, Bryan. Caesar's British were attacking a town Somewhere in Normandy, and bocage featured heavily.

Here you can see some serious British artillery.

Ralph, playing the Germans, held off Caesar's assault and, very unsportingly, refused to allow any of his tanks to ignite. Not one! So these Flames of War went unused.

Peter and I played a game of HOTT. He used a Successor DBA army, whilst I used some elves that hadn't seen the light of day for a few years.

He had knights and a behemoth. I had warbamd. I set a rather open terrain. I paid for that error.

All that time hidden in a box had rusted the elves' skills, and they were rolled over rather easily. Their genera died on the final bound, and deserved it really.

Peter and Dave then played some DBA, with a Successor army each, although I can't remember what. Both sides had elephants.

I can't remember who won, but my surviving elves say that they hope it was Dave.


  1. Well I'm glad there was open terrain on at least one of our tables last night!

  2. The British artillery are most impressive. So if the elves haven't seen the light of day in a few years, does that mean they are Dark Elves? :)

    1. If the British Artillery were not Serious, would they be Humorous?

  3. I have discovered something worse than burning tanks in Flames of War - bogged down tanks. My Firefly crew were far more interested in drinking tea than fighting Jerry.


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