Tuesday, 3 November 2015

One Hour Wargames ECW Rules

Weeks ago I promised I'd post my One Hour Wargames variant for the English Civil War. Well here it is:

One Hour Wargames - ECW

The current version is still missing a few bits I have mentioned in my game reports, specifically the command and control rules. That's mostly because I'm not sure I've got them quite right yet, so am not willing to commit them to paper. But the game works OK without them.


  1. Thanks for that Kaptain! I'll probably have a go at them this week.

  2. Thanks from me, too! I'd been looking forward to seeing your rules after reading your battle reports.
    At the moment I'm using top-down troop counters adapted from the historical warmaster yahoo group, but hope to muster some 10mm figures in the near future and persuade my neighbour, who is an admirer of Cromwell, to participate in a small campaign.

  3. Hi,
    I have enjoyed using your One Hour ECW rules. I have few rather nice ECW personality figures Cromwell, Charles, Ru[ert and Fairfax. So H ave formulated a rule which gives leaders a role they can join a unit and attempt to reduce or block a recieved hit. RD6 1 = General fails and is killed, 2,3,fails, 4,5,6 hit removed/blocked.
    Generals move 12" cannot fire or charge. If caught alone fight melee with 1 D6. Take 3 hits to destroy. Seems to work well.

    1. Thanks. That seems like an interesting way of using the leader.

      I am currently looking at adapting NT's 'Simplicity in Practice' to the ECW, but am making slow progress.


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