Saturday, 21 November 2015

Hail Caesar - Storming A Fort

It was a quiet week at the Gong Garage Gamers this week, with a lot of people away for various reasons or, in my case, not quite geared up for organising or playing anything.

Ralph and Bryan set up a two-player Hail Caesar game in order to test out some fortress rules they will be using for a much bigger game project further down the line. In this scenario Gauls were storming a Roman fort, although purists will notice that some of the Gauls are, in fact, not Gauls. Not even remotely Gauls.

When I left the Gauls had scored a couple of breakthroughs, and brought down at least one section of palisade, but I think the Romans atill had fight left in them.

Dave and I leafed through a pile of Wargames Illustrated magazines which Ralph had brought in to get rid of. I fond a couple with articles of interest, which may translate to actual games at a later date.


  1. Nice! Could you share fortress rule?

    1. Sadly not; I was a spectator rather than a participant, so wasn't privy to the rules themselves.


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