Thursday, 8 October 2015

More Gladiators In The Gong

We needed a quick, simple game tonight, so four of us played 'Munera Sine Missione'. I didn't really keep track of any of the bouts in detail, so you will just have to appreciate this handful of pictures.

We ran two lots of four bouts, trying out a few new mechanisms I'm testing, plus some setup rules - something the game has really lacked up until now. The dice in this picture are a reminder of which gladiator acts first in each pair. I need a better marker.

One thing this set of games did see was the debut of the referee figures Victor got me, painted on my day off work earlier this week. They're from Crusader Miniatures in the UK, who make some really lovely gladiator figures.

You'll notice that my gladiators are slowly acquiring pretty shields.

This referee (they don't have names yet) oversaw the evening's longest bout, in which the retiarius Medusa faced the heavily armoured Telamonius. She was backed into the arena wall, before trapping her opponent in her net. But despite that she then couldn't finish him off, despite wounding him a couple of times. After a few turns tangled up he finally cut his way free, and managed to wound Medusa a couple of times. We finally called the bout a draw after both gladiators reached the point where they were seriously wounded and exhausted.


  1. Very nice figures and game. I have Crusader Gladiators - very nice sculpts, although I wish they had more fighting stances instead of the "just standing there" poses. Nice looking shields too.

  2. I like very much the referee figure!. If you wish an historically accurate name for the referee here they are: Trophimus (secunda rudis, instructor/referee 2nd class), Q. Titius Lathricus, Cornelius Eugenianus and Flavius Sigerus (each summa rudis, instructor/referee 1st class). Bye


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