Friday, 22 June 2018


On a cold winter's night there's nothing better than a couple of games of HOTT. So it's a good job I had a couple last night. I played Geoff, and he used my boring  bog-standard High Elves. I used The Spawn of Tiamat.

Here's the first game. I defended and did a weighted attack on Geoff's left.

It was a fairly quick game. Geoff's line of shooters and spears was a tough nut to crack, but a couple of lucky combats destroyed his archers, and then a second charge by the various elements I had classified as knights destroyed his spear general to win the game.

Geoff defended in the second game, and chose to run his mounted as riders rather than knights. I attacked his left again, and despite their position on the hill got an advantage over the Elven cavalry.

Meanwhile my chaotic beasts worked their way around his other flank, hiding in the woods to avoid the accurate Elven archery.

Unfortunately from that point onwards it all fell apart. Geoff had his Elf Prince hero in reserve, and took out my hero (Tiamat's consort, Qingu), before destroying my right flank.

His spear-line pushed forward, engaging Tiamat herself.

My beasts put up a valiant fight on my left, and Tiamat managed to ensorcell the enemy hero as well. Both armies were hovering on the verge of breaking, when Geoff lined up a fantastic set of combats and destroyed 7AP of my army in one turn, including Tiamat herself. With an undeployed dragon in my army, the 18AP I lost meant I had a single beast on the board. I think this is possibly the largest defeat I've eve had in a game of HOTT, although the 18-10 scoreline testified to a bloody game.

So, one game each. Not a bad evening.

Meanwhile others were playing Black Powder in 15mm, in preparation for a Waterloo game on Sunday.

And Gary and Caesar played Maurice -- Austrians and Ottomans.

Gary was trying out an experimental activation mechanism, using sub-commanders, which allowed multiple groups to activate during a turn. It looks like it was mostly successful, although the size of the game meant that they didn't finish the battle by the end of the evening.


  1. Great looking HOTT battles, though I never quite understood why guys with long pointy sticks should be so vulnerable to guys on horseback. It makes more sense to me that blades should be quick-killed by knights, and spears should survive. That might also strike a better balance between blades and spears generally, because at the moment blades seem slightly better overall.

    1. Spears rely on a tight formation to be effective. A win by knights represents the formation breaking, at which point the individuals run and are lost. In HOTT Blades represent soldiers who have high individual combat skill so whilst their formation is important, its breakup isn't as critical. The soldiers can fall back and regroup.

      The charge of the Rohirrim at Pellenor Fields in 'Return of the King' is pure HOTT - knights charging hordes. The hordes break before the knights make contact in fact. Then the knights run into a behemoth and get stomped.

  2. Great Hott reports, by god those battles were brutal especially the second one! Makes me want to dig out my copy and play a game, but sadly I have no one to play against.

    Cheers Roger (wiping away a tear) ;-)


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