Monday, 26 February 2018

The Ceidonian Recruitment Drive

With one thing and another I didn't get in any gaming over the weekend, despite some plans to do so. I did manage a little bit of painting, though. With my DBA Swiss looking for an opponent, I realised that I could tweak my generic medieval Ceidonian army for HOTT into a couple of generic medieval DBA armies. All I needed to do was add a few elements from the figures I'd picked up the other week and, where relevant, repaint them to match the Ceidonian's yellow and red livery.

My first target was to build it up to allow me as many of the DBA Medieval German b-list options as I could manage. This is most of them, but I still have the bases to do.

Five lots of 3Kn, one of 6Kn, one LH, two Ps, two Sp, two 4Bd, two 4Pk and one 4Cb. None of it is historically accurate, I reckon, but I'm not too worried, and the elements will do nicely for both HOTT and DBA.

I don't have the 3Cv the list allows, unfortunately, but that's optional. I still have two elements of horsed to sort out, and I have some figures do do a HOTT hero element as well.

After this lot is done I will be adding a few more elements which will allow me to run the army as Italian Condotta as well, again with a few options. It will pretty much give me 48AP for HOTT as well, so it will be a win on two fronts. I just need to knuckle down to the painting.


  1. The red and yellow livery does make the army very eye catching.

    1. It's a bugger to paint, as both colours are notoriously poor covers (at least in the old GW paints I use).


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