Monday, 17 July 2017

Boring Humans

I painted another Dragon Rampant warband over the weekend. It's so new that I haven't really come up with a name for it yet, but I set it up to be a baseline, no frills, boring human army. Once again I printed some of DutchMogul's 18mm figures from Thingiverse.

Here's the whole force:

Archers (Light Missiles) and Swordsmen (Offensive Heavy Foot).

Two units of Spearmen (Heavy Foot)

The Knight Commander (Elite Foot)

By my reckoning that's a no nonsense 24pts, with room for expansion.


  1. Very nice. Are you going to field them against The Spectral Host?

    1. That's the aim. I'm in the process of printing off one or two other warbands as well, but their appearance depends on fitting in time to paint them before my urge to paint things disappears :)

  2. Very nice. Are you going to do any in 28mm?

    1. I'm not rushing into it, but maybe. Depends if I can get the figures to scale up OK.


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