Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Cheap Dragons

Browsing my local branch of The Reject Shop yesterday I came across some bags of toys labelled as Dinosaurs. Normally I'm not that interested in cheap plastic dinosaurs, but these looked odd, and a close examination showed that they were, in fact, dragons (suggesting that they were labelled by a creationist, as only they really seem to confuse the two). At $5 a bag, for six figures, I thought they were worth getting, so I bought a bag. You get six models, and here they are:

They stand about 3" tall or 4" long - not big enough to use in an attempt on the Iron Throne of Westeros, but suitable for a number of gaming purposes. They are the same size as the small Bandai figures I use for giant monster gaming, and even have the same 'man in a suit' feel in some cases. They will work for skirmish games like Songs of Blades and Heroes with no problems, and they will all fit on a 60mm frontage for HOTT, if you feel that way inclined.

Like any cheap toys of this nature, paint has been blobbed onto them in an arbitrary fashion, but they should take a drybrush, and some painting of the teeth and claws OK I reckon. I will probably give one a go over the weekend and see.

These two are my favourites. I can certainly see the winged serpent in a monster game, and I love the hooked forelimbs of the brown one and the large, fish-like, fin on the tail.

Oh, and this was just one bag. When looking through the racks I realised that there were three different bags on offer, each with six dragons; a total of eighteen individual designs. I didn't notice anything too out of the ordinary in them, aside from one bag which featured a two-headed dragon. If I have a spare five dollars in the near future I may pop in and get that one.


  1. Cool. What's the brand/label name on those, if any?

    1. The tag says 'Ausni', 'The World of Dinosaur'.

      And it continues:

      'The model is made according to the scale of the real thing so that it is lifelike and breathing. It is the best educational aid for children to learn the creature and the nature and also canused (sic) as artistic ornament or children's toys'

  2. Great find. I have come across a few large dragons at the various craft stores in town and Toobs has a Dragon themed sleeve with ones of proportions similar to yours.


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