Friday, 28 September 2012

More MOAB Practice

Last night we played more HOTT, in order to prepare us for MOAB on Monday.

Here are some random pictures

Zulus and Elves:

My Elves take on Clone Troopers:

There was a tight little battle on the one flank:

Over the other side the Elven Hero cut through Clone Trooper Blades. But it wasn't enough, and the Elves suffered yet another defeat:

The obligatory Geoff-Shot:

 Geoff's Dark Elves fought Caesar's Zulus. The Zulus had been reorganised since last week, and had a much better night:

My Elves took on Caesar's Zulus. And lost. I haven't won a HOTT game in months now I think. This bodes well for Monday ...

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