Tuesday, 2 August 2016

War on Barsoom - Season Five

In Season Four I lost to the Black Pirates, defending my home territory. I hoped things would go better in Season Five.

At the start the positions were:

Helium - 3 Resource Points, 3 Prestige
Warhoon - 3 Resource Points, 3 Prestige
Gathol - 3 Resource Points, 1 Prestige
Manator - 1 Resource Points, 0 Prestige
Jahar - 3 Resource Points, 1 Prestige
Kamtol - 5 Resource Points, 2 Prestige

The die-rolls for determining who attacked whom were:

Helium – 3+ 5 = 8
Warhoon – 3 + 4 = 7
Jahar – 3 + 5 = 8
Gathol – 3 + 1 = 4
Manator – 1 + 3 = 4
Kamtol – 5 + 5 = 10

Both myself (Gathol) and Manator had the same, lowest, score, but with the lower Resource Point total, Manator chose their target first. They decided to go big and attack the Black Pirates, who would get a Warlord bonus in the fight (which would be determined by a die roll).

This left me with the choice of Helium, Warhoon or Jahar as my targets. All had 3 Resource Points, but Helium and Warhoon had higher Prestige than I did, so would get the Warlord bonus. I opted for the softer target - Jahar.

This left Warhoon attacking Helium, again to be decided by die roll.

Jahar and I had the same size of aerial navy. We both had a core of blades. But where I had thoat-mounted riders, they had cannibal hordes and Phor Tak's disintegration ray.

Our navies faced each other, Gathol's supported by my mounted, and Jahar's by Phor Tak. I massed Gathol's blades on my left, aiming to rush the cannibals on the opposing flank.

With the artillery part of their support, Jahar's navy went for a static defence. Gathol attacked swiftly.

The Gatholian foot advanced on the other flank.

The navies met. Gathol pushed back their foes, then there was a lull for several bounds as neither side got enough PIPs to continue the fight. Gathol finally pushed forward again, and with the support of the riders they destroyed the Jahar fleet.

Outgunned but undaunted, a Gatholian flier killed Phor Tak and deactivated his awesome and terrible device.

Jahar's foot attacked the Gatholian thoat-riders. They killed some, but the rest held bravely for the rest of the battle.

Meanwhile Gathol's foot engaged the cannibals. The cannibals didn't stand a chance. and no support would come from any other troops in their army.

The end. With both flanks destroyed, Jahar's forces broke. They had lost 12AP, and inflicted on 4AP on Gathol, giving me an extra Prestige point for my victory.

I took a Resource Point from Jahar, and got two Prestige.

In the other battles, Manator lost heavily to Kamtol, who gained another point of Prestige. And Warhoon defeated Helium, taking a Resource Point, and also gaining a point of Prestige.

These are the totals at the end of Season Five:

Helium - 2 Resource Points, 3 Prestige
Warhoon - 4 Resource Points, 4 Prestige
Gathol - 4 Resource Points, 3 Prestige
Manator - 1 Resource Points, 0 Prestige
Jahar - 2 Resource Points, 1 Prestige
Kamtol - 5 Resource Points, 3 Prestige

Things are still looking bad for Manator, but Jahar is looking sad as well. Helium will probably be on the offensive in the next season, whilst Gathol, Kamtol and Warhoon are riding high but more likely to be targets next time around.


  1. Nice batrep sir, and beautiful figures to boot! great mix of styles and scales (I'd never have thought of putting Peter Pig 15's with GW Gothic ships but it just works so well..kudos).

    Cheers Roger.

    1. Thanks. I never liked the Peter Pig large 'airboats', but when I started building my Barsoomian armies, back around 2000, GW were flogging off plastic Chaos Cruisers very cheap, so I picked up a pile and went from there. They do make great Martian airboats, and the difference in scale never really seems to be an issue.

  2. HOTT on Barsoom. Too much fun! Thanks for sharing the campaign system in detail.

    1. Not a problem. As I said in the very first post, it's generic enough to work with any setting; just change the names of Resource Points and Prestige accordingly. I am using random rolls to pick targets, unless it's 'my' nation, but I can see that once the points have varied a little between the players there are some interesting decisions to be made as to who to attack or (especially) who not to attack.


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