Sunday, 2 August 2015

More Bikers Of The Post-Apocalypse

I've been working most of this weekend, but in a short break between reviewing data import files I managed to paint three more of my Ramashackle bikes.

This one - the punk on a tricycle - is my favourite at the moment.

Obviously there's still basing to do, but I'l sort that out when I've finished another next batch of four.


  1. Great paint jobs KK :)

    Those bikes really do look undersized compared to the figures - maybe the apocalypse has caused humans to grow larger?

  2. Nice work. How do these scale up to a hotwheels car?

    1. Depends on the car. The riders are 20mm, and the bikes possibly a little undersized compared to them. This means that they look better with a Hot Wheels vehicle representing a larger car or, say, a pick-up than they do with the ones representing buggies, a Mini or a Fiat 500.

      They are designed to scale with Hot Wheels, if that's any help :)


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