Tuesday, 25 August 2015

In Which I Make A Redoubt

Inspired by Natholeon's 'Relief of Marienberg' battle report from the other day I decided I needed some redoubts to go with my Great Northern War armies. So this evening I put together a simple design, based on something I sketched out over lunchtime at work

Its made of card and loads of matchsticks, plus some PVA glue to hold it together and loo roll to hide the shonky joins. It took a couple of hours to cut out the bits and assemble them

Yes, I know it's not painted; it'll get more PVA and some sand and gravel first.

It's designed to hold a four-stand Maurice unit on 1" square bases. It sits on a footprint 4" square, and is about an inch high.

To be honest it's probably a bit high. But it'll do.

I'm going to make another, if only because I need two of them for the One Hour Wargames 'Fortified Defence'  scenario, which is coming up soon.


  1. Like it! Very nice and simple. I may have to replicate this in 54mm....

  2. That's really nice...and clever...and it looks simple!


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