Friday, 31 July 2015

The Spawn of Tiamat

We played more 36AP HOTT last night. Until Peter arrived the only armies available were mine, so Geoff decided to take the Weird Reich, whilst I used my Sumerian mythological Spawn of Tiamat, with allied elements from Asag and the Stone Allies (hence all of the rocks).

Tiamat attacked - she's the big dragon in the middle, although she's classed as a Magician.

The strike-force in the centre - bull-centaurs, scorpion-men and Tiamat's consort, Qingu in his battle-cart.

A desperate fight ensued all along the line. On my right the various chaos creatures and rocks (Beasts) rolled over the Nazi robots and Death's Head troops, leaving Adolph to move over and defend the flank pretty much on his own.

This he did in style. Seeing off a number of potentially fatal attacks before Tiamat's inability to effectively command that flank, due to distance, became an issue.

In the centre was a battle of the Behemoths - giant robot vs giant boulders.

Tiamat kept a close eye on the proceedings. Too close; at one stage she was in danger of being squashed by the recoil of her allied boulders.

She moved, closer to her consort.

Slowly Tiamat's forces whittled down the Nazis, and the defeat of their battle-robot was enough to break their army.

Meanwhile Peter and Dave played a game using Peter's Greek historical/mythological armies.

I then found myself facing Peter's Greek two-point terror; a mix of Spears, Shooters, Warband and Knights, with one Flyer. No 'special' elements at all.

The battle-lines didn't manage to stay straight for very long.

The bull-centaurs attacked some Greek hoplites, sweeping them away, then attacked the Greek general.

Meanwhile Tiamat's spawn - Hordes - prepared to defend a hill against the Greek left. Tiamat's left (not pictured) found itself stymied against a wall of hoplites after spending far too long trying to defeat their supporting archers.

Tiamat found herself fighting the Greek general.

The spawn were swept off the hill. But Tiamat killed the Greek general to take the game.

The Spawn of Tiamat proved to be an interesting army at 36AP, with loads of Beasts and some nice support. It's not a solid army, and is fairly impetuous, but was entertaining to use.

Ralph and JohnG played Battlegroup Kursk, using 20mm tanks on a very open table - Russian T34s and T70s against Tigers in a village. I'm sure Ralph will be providing his own write-up at some stage though.

And he DID!


  1. Ah, it's good to see some nice photos of HOTT again! And I really like the 36AP battles - big enough to look good, small enough to be played out in a reasonable time. 36AP with 1 PIP dice throws up some interesting command challenges (as it seems Tiamat discovered).

    1. With bigger battle-lines we found that command of the extremities did become an issue. And I suspect an army heavy on aerials may suffer as well. I'll have to try it.


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