Thursday, 16 July 2015

HOTT On Barsoom

It was a quiet night for the Gong Garage Gamers this week, with just a couple of games of HOTT on the go. And I failed to take any pictures of one of them

This was me using the Red Martians of Helium against a Green Martian horde commanded by Ralph. We both ended up inconvenienced by the terrain.

We both managed some small successes in the centre, which put our respective generals into close proximity.

John Carter directed some of Helium's aerial navy to support him, slew the Green Martian jeddak and from then on the game was pretty much up for the Green Martians.

The other game saw Peter and John using Greeks against some kind of Numidian/Carthaginian mashup. The Greeks lost when their general was killed as well, although a Carthaginian elephant came close to squashing a significant chunk of its own army.


  1. Brilliant! Love this!

    it's been too long since I've played HOTT or DBA - a shiny new copy of DBA3.0 arrived in teh mail for me yesterday - so it's got me thinking about jumping back into both!

  2. Great to see John on the table again....

  3. Two of my favorite things. . . HOTT and Barsoom. Inspiring!


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