Saturday, 4 July 2015

Captain America For 'Supercrew'

Since it's the Fourth of July, where the inhabitants of one particular country celebrate an act of treason against their monarch by shooting fireworks into the air rather than guns at each other, I thought that I would post an appropriate Supercrew character write up.

Captain America

1 - Absolute peak of human physical ability
2 - Vibranium shield
3 - Inspirational leadership

Reroll (Inpirational leadership) - Patriotism
Change roll to '5' (Vibranium shield) - Throw shield
Effect 2 (Vibranium shield) - Defend others


  1. It's not treason if you win...

    1. It is if you need the help of the French to do it :-)

  2. Thank you for pointing me in the direction of Supercrew! I have been looking for a very simple set of superhero role playing rules that focus on storytelling instead of detailed combat and this game fits the bill perfectly!

    In an earlier post you mentioned you didn't care for Supercrew's diceless resolution of all between combat situations. Perhaps this simple system would be useful:

    In the comic/rulebook example of play you could say that when Captain Sweden and Florosa try to get help from Steam Woman they get a 'no and' result, she will never ever assist them. When Massif and Bullfinch 'interview' the biker gang, on the other hand, they get a 'yes' result or perhaps a 'yes, but' - they have earned the continued enmity of every member of the 'Pals Angers'!

    I found a supplement someone has done with a few extra rules, including character advancement...

    To steal a rule from 'The Comics Code' set of rules, you could give heroes a Reputation score to go alongside their Toughness. If they are defeated at the end of an adventure and/or cause an embarrassingly large amount of collateral damage, then it goes down and they are forced to retire if it reaches zero.

    1. Thanks for the various links. I have to say that the house-rules do seem to be missing the abstract nature of task/combat resolution in the game, but there are some interesting ideas in there to be picked through.

      I have used the Yes/No/But/And system before in games, and found it quite useful. Maybe use of skills relevant to the situation can be used to gain Advantage; whilst Supercrew doesn't really have an out-of-combat task resolution system, it does seem to allow for the possibility of abilities which are useful in such situations (scientist or detective work, for example). I shall have to think about it :)

      I have been looking at giving every character a background Skill, described in four or five words ('Justice motivated millionaire philanthropist'). These should be pitched generally at non-combat/action abilities, and allow the character to roll 1 dice to resolves tasks to which the background can be applied - 2 dice if they spend a hero Point. Obviously if they have a relevant skill they can use that instead - even their basic 1 dice skill nets them a hero Point, which the background skill doesn't. However I have yet to try this in practice.

      Glad you like the rules, anyway - it is a great little game.


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