Saturday, 19 April 2014

More Micro Planes

I have been making some more 1/600th WW1 aircraft in the last week or so. This is driven by the fact that, whilst Tumbling Dice do a nice selection of late-war 1/600th planes, they do nothing earlier than about 1917. And no-one else makes 1/600th WW1 planes (one company looks like they're working on it, and has produced a Spad XII, but one Spad does not a range make).

So if there's anything I want or need, I have to make my own.

I scratchbuilt a few last year - DH2s, Fokker EIIIs, BE2s and some BE2s which didn't come out right but ended up the right size and shape to be Martinsyde G100s. I decided that for this batch I needed an earlier German two-seater than the ones I currently have, and something French. So I am working on some Albatros CIIIs and Nieuport 17s.

Here they are, with a matchstick for scale. I use matchsticks for the fuselage:

The Albatri are almost completed - I just need to do the undercarriages on them (which involves making a batch of wheels). The Nieuports are at the initial painting stage, but I may have to rebuild parts of them, as they're very fragile and I'm not sure how they'll stand up to handling in a game environment.

Here's the Albatri a week or so ago, when I'd just started painting them:

And a closeup of the Nieuports. They're about a centimetre in length.


  1. Love the planes! There's a simple set of rules in Lone Warrior I have used a couple of times which these planes would be perfect for. I did have some biplanes from the old Milton Bradley game "Dogfight!" but misplaced them and now can't find them.

  2. nicely done!
    I dream about a Spandau & Lewis battle with an airship, for example between a couple of Moraine Salulnier L vs a Zeppelin. :)

  3. I build 1/300 scale planes for WW1 and WW2, I can't imagine building them at 1/600...My hat is off to you! BTW you NEED a Sikorsky Ilya Mourometz.

    1. I've sketched out an Ilya Muromets at 1/600th - not quite sure how to go about making it yet, but one day ...

  4. I've recently been making a paper boat for Sails of Glory, now maybe I'm thinking I need to make a paper plane for Wings of Glory. Probably beyond my skillset, but just thinking about it is interesting.

    The Albatri look great.


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