Monday, 21 April 2014

More Micro Planes - Part 3

The Nieuport 17s and Albatros two-seaters are finished, varnished and based.

Here's the Nieuports meeting up with some Albatros scouts.

And a size comparison with a big bomber.

Albatros CIIIs are stalked by an SE5A

I need to organise my plane box a little better. This is my complete collection at the moment, although I still have a few unpainted Tumbling Dice planes to do at some stage - the DH4s, DH5s and Hannover CLIIIs are probably next on the list. Maybe the Sopwith Triplanes.


  1. Very smart! It always suprises me how bright some of the color schemes were.

  2. So.... When is the tutorial and patterns coming? :)

    1. I doubt there'll be one - basically I make these things up as I go along.

      However - a brief guide:

      (i) Get onto Wikipedia and get the length and wingspan, then work out what it'll be in 1/600th. Also get top side and front views.

      (ii) I use matchsticks for the fuselage. Cut to the length, then use an emery board to shape them.

      (iii) This card for the wings and tailplanes. Cut them out as rectangles, then use a sharp craft-knife to shape them.

      (v) Florist wire for top-wing guns (thin) and axles and pilots (thick). For the wheels I use the tube of a cotton bud (Qtip) to cookie cut them from modelling putty. To put in the pilots I drill a small hole in the fuselage.

      (v) Glue together with PVA. Paint whole thing in watered down PVA. Paint.

      (vi) Mount to taste. Use in game.


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