Monday, 2 April 2012

Memoir '44 - The Attack On Port Stanley

Argentine LVTP-7s
Image from Sapper Joe
Although designed to fight WWII battles, Memoir '44 can be used to play scenarios for other conflicts as well.

Thirty years ago today the Argentines invaded the Falkland Islands, kicking off a conflict that saw the loss of nearly 1000 lives and is, to date, the most recent conflict fought by the UK without any allied states. It also, for better or worse, pretty much handed Margaret Thatcher her second term as prime-minister.

So, for your entertainment I offer the Argentinian attack on Port Stanley in 1982 as a scenario for Memoir '44. To tell the truth it's not a brilliant scenario, but it does the job. Like my Denmark 1940 scenario it's probably best played twice, with the players swapping sides. There are a few special  rules but, oddly enough, they mostly relate to the deployment and appearance of troops rather than any difference between warfare in 1944 and that in 1982.

The Attack On Port Stanley (PDF)


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