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The Battle Of Badr

In 624AD, the nascent Moslem community, under Mohammed, was surviving by raiding caravans bound for Mecca. Word was received that a large caravan was bound for Mecca from Damascas, and 314 volunteers set out to intercept it. The Meccans got wind of this, and raised a force of some 800 warriors to meet the caravan and escort it to Mecca. Although they linked up with the caravan near Badr, they learned that the Moslem force was nearby, and on the prompting of one Hasham decided to attack them rather than continue to escort the caravan.

The Meccans had a force of cavalry and camelry under Hasham. The outnumbered Moslems were mostly infantry, but had a reserve consisting of several thousand angels led by the Angel Gabriel. These were invisible to all but Mohammed himself.

The Moslems formed up near an oasis, with archers on their flanks, the spearmen and swordsmen in the centre and the angels in reserve. Mohammed was in a trance at this stage. The Meccans advanced across sand dunes, again with archers on their flanks.

Both sides sent forward champions, a skirmish in which the Moslems were the victors. The Meccans then attacked en masse, but Hasham was killed and their army routed. The Moslem account of the battle claims that as the Meccans attacked, Mohammed came out of his trance and threw a handful of sand in the direction of the enemy. On this signal, the host of angels attacked and routed the Meccans.

You can read more about the Battle of Badr  at Wikipedia, of course.

This offers the following lists:


Stronghold: Oasis
1 x Cleric general @ 3AP (Mohammed)
3 x Blades @ 2AP (Swordsmen)
1 x Horde @ 1AP (Lesser warriors)
1 x Shooters @ 2AP (Archers)
1 x Knight @ 2AP (Champions)
1 x Aerial Hero @ 6AP (The Angel Gabriel)
2 x Flyers @ 2AP (Angelic hosts)

1 x Rider General @ 2AP (Hasham)
1 x Knight @ 2AP (Champions)
8 x Riders @ 2AP (Horsemen and camel riders)
2 x Shooters @ 2AP (Archers)

For the purposes of this scenario the angelic hosts are best shown as visible to both sides, although it would be cheaper to field them invisible.

To the west should be a series of sand dunes (treat as steep hills). To the north should be some gentle hills.

Set Up
The Meccans set up at the western edge, the Moslems to the east. The Meccans should have the riders in the centre, flanked by the shooters, and should be set up so that they are in, or have to advance through, the sand dunes. The Moslems should have blades in the centre, with shooters on one flank, the hordes on the other.

Mohammed and the Angels should be placed to the rear of this line. The champions for both sides should be placed in the exact centre of the field, and start the battle in combat. As Mohammed was in a trance, the Moslems surrender the initiative to the Meccans, who take first bound. In addition, although they roll PIPs as normal, all Moslem elements count as out of command until they get a PIP roll of '6' (at which point Mohammed comes out of his trance).

Victory is determined in the usual way.


  1. That is an immense scenario! "Excuse me while I bring on my invisible horse of angels".

  2. Are you allowed to portray Mohammed? You'll end up with a jihad on you.

  3. "Are you allowed to portray Mohammed?"

    It looks like it depends on which version of Islam you adhere to.

    The article at that link is quite interesting; apparently there's a depiction of Mohammed on the US Supreme Court building.

  4. Hello
    I hope you people are in good health and spirits i mean no offence and discrimination
    But what you are doing is wrong you cannot portray our Prophet Muhmmad P.B.U.H. The battle of Badar is interesting when it comes to the odds and clearly depicts the fact that Allah has always aided Muslims but the details you mentioned here needs citation as wikipedia is not that authentic source. So its a request to respect the feelings of others when it comes to religion
    I hope you will understand
    Islam means Peace



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