Monday, 9 April 2012

Interesting Stuff - 09/04/2012

This blog has now passed 5,000 views!

And today I achieved a true HOTT rarity - a genuine drawn game. In a battle between Elves and Dwarves, the Dwarves lost their general (and more points than the Elves) on the same bound that their Sneaker captured the Elven Stronghold. So the Dwarves lost through casualties and loss of the general, whilst at the same time the Elves lost through their Stronghold being captured.

Also some painting; expect more WWII-style Giant Monster Rampages:

Nazi Robot - British Land-Ship

A round-up of odds and ends from other blogs and beyond that I found interesting.

Customising Lego Minifigs - A piece on The Brothers Brick about converting and painting Lego figures.

Alan Garner  - Apparently there's going to be a sequel to 'The Weirdstone Of Brisingamen/Moon Of Gomrath'.  It will be interesting to see if that gives me more things to add to the armies I have for those books.

The Internet Sacred Text Archive - An outstanding resource for anyone who likes to base their HOTT games on myths and legends.

Wargaming On A Fridge - Two ancient Chinese armies clash on a vertical battlefield. A great solution to the problem of finding space in which to wargame.

Shadows Of The Apt - HOTT lists for a set of books that, I have to confess, I'd not heard of before.

And finally:

Kaptain Kobold - Because there's a hero in all of us. Even if it's just a small plastic one.

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  1. I would strongly recommend the Shadows of the Apt books by Adrian Tchaikovsky - they've a strong steampunk element of technology much of the plot is more espionage based that traditional quest and they feature a number of conflicts which would be great to wargame both at HOTT scale and skirmish. Kehaar


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