Saturday, 21 April 2012

Bonus Games Night

Just a short post, for once. Owing to John not being able to make our new Thursday night game session, I hosted him for a old-style Friday evening session. Most of the evening was spent playing a couple of games of Memoir '44. We ran through the Sword Beach scenario, swapping sides after the first game. The Germans won both of them, but I scored more points than John on my go as the British, so came out slightly ahead. In my attempt at the beach the British started well, but I quickly ended up with a hand of cards all directed at a sector where I had no troops, just as John managed to get a decent counter-attack together. I briefly held one of the objectives, but an artillery barrage put an end to that. I cleared a couple of the bunkers, though. When John played the British I was lucky, as the Germans, to have a good hand of cards, which allowed me to lay down a steady, deadly fire from the centre of the board. John managed to clear one bunker, but I reinforced it before he could carry the position. I'm not sure any of his troops got off the beach before he lost the game through casualties.

We then switched to 'Song of Blades and Heroes'. John took the Half-Orcs, whilst I tried out my Skeletons. The Skeletons lost as a cascading morale test caused them to crumble to dust just as they'd got to grips with their opponents. However a check of the SBH Yahoo Group suggests the morale rules for Undead have been updated since my copy of the rules was printed off; it looks like they no longer test for Gruesome Kills, and only crumble to dust on two or three morale failures, not any failure. That would certainly have made a bit of difference to our game.

Anyway, here they are, in all their bony glory:

They are original Citadel plastic skeletons which I painted about 25 years ago for use in our 'Chill' horror RPG sessions. They've been sat in a box unused for most of that time, so it was nice to have them out again, even if their first performance was less than stellar.

Hmm. The post wasn't as short as I thought it would be ...

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