Thursday, 12 April 2012

An Evening With The GGGG

GGGG? The Gong Guild Garage Gamers. Well, it's as good a name as any.

Once again a select few of us hiked out to the University of Wollongong for another night of gaming. We played HOTT, of course; Dave and Geoff put in couple of games, whilst I taught a new player, completing one game.

A few pictures.

I used Orcs against the Dukedom of Ceidonia. Good armies to learn with, as the most sophisticated troop type is a Behemoth each.

On the other table Geoff and Dave had completed one game (Elves versus Something Else), and were giving my 15mm Aboriginal Dreamtime armies an airing. I don't know how this panned out, but I'd be interested in finding out; I still have my suspicions as to the balance of this matched pair.

Back to the Orcs. Here you see the moment before their general was slain by the Ceidonian Champion (a Blade). And that was the end of that game.

And that was the end of the evening too, bar some chat and some show-and-tell.

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