Friday, 6 April 2012

Good Friday Gaming

Ah, the pleasures of a long holiday weekend. We're not going away and have no real plans to do anything. So I spent the day playing games and getting stuff ready for future games. Plus trying to find some bits I've mislaid, which is annoying.

Anyway, aside from teaching Catherine to play 'Song of Blades and Heroes' (once again the Rat warband routed the Half-Orcs), I have been playing some more HOTT. Here's a few pictures, showing a large Ratman army facing an invasion from the military juggernaut from Wonderland:

The armies face each other. The Ratmen were somewhat hampered by having to deploy between two woods, whilst facing an army that's equipped with two Lurkers (a Mad Tea Party and a Caterpillar with a hookah). I notice that I forgot to deploy their stronghold as well. It wasn't really relevant though.

The Wonderland army, led by the Queen of Hearts, and featuring Alice as a Behemoth mercenary. The core of the army is, of course, playing-cards.

The Ratmen. They are mostly Hordes, but have a core of Warband - ratmen equipped with flame-throwers and gas-bombs. Here's a closeup of the Hordes:

Playing-cards face the rodent multitude:

I spent longer taking pictures than playing the game.  As the attacker Wonderland got to choose the match-ups, and positioned Alice opposite the opposing Warband general. Hampered by he woods the rats couldn't redeploy in time to meet her attack, and their general was trampled to death in about the third combat of the game.
The mad grin of Victory

Right, I have some counters to make; the glue should be dry by now, so it's time to get out the scalpel and cutting board.


  1. Your Alice in WOnderland army is just brilliant. How did you do the playing cards foot?

    1. They are pieces of mounting board with very small scans of playing cards stuck on the front and back. The arms are thick fuse wire and the spears florist wire. Bits of milliput for the hands, feet and filling in the gaps. The heads are from Peter Pig, who do packs of just that - heads. Those are actually WW1 British, but the helmets looked suitable medieval. Obviously every figure is different, both in card and pose (there's even a rear-rank spearman smoking a crafty cigarette)

  2. Brilliant scratch building there, I love it (Plus Hordes is a great game!)

  3. Yes those card figures are great. Really good idea for a HOTT army.


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