Sunday, 7 May 2017

Spandau and Lewis - Proper Release

I first started writing the game which would be known as 'Spandau and Lewis' back in 2008. Ever since then it's been in what I've always described as a 'Draft' status, as I constantly tinkered with the mechanisms. Well, having had it back out on the table this week, I finally decided to stop messing around, tidy it up and call it a release.

You can find it here:

Spandau and Lewis v1.0

There's a lot missing that I was planning to include. I still have notes for attacking ground troops (and their shooting back), AA fire, balloons and bombing, as well as a few more oddities. But what's in that document should be enough to get you flying and shooting with the aircraft of your choice. The sample aircraft lists at the back represent those I have i my own collection, plus a few I've used in scenarios I've tried out. It should be easy enough to extrapolate your own designs, but I will post a more complete list one day, since I have a pile of aircraft stats derived from those in the old Aces High boardgame.

As a bonus, here's a link to a thread by an artist called Peter Hill, who seems to specialise in WW1 air-warfare paintings. There's some interesting pictures in it, including this one of Alphonse Pergoud, who features in my previous post.

'Random WW1 Subjects' by Peter Hill



  1. Oooh thanks, those rules just sit at the complexity level that would interest me. Not so long ago, I bought the two CORGI commemorative WWI die-cast planes (Fokker Dr1 - painted in red and looking very Red Baronish and the Sopwith Camel. Not sure what scale they are, either 15mm or 20mm.

    They would look good in this sort of game, the only thing that pops out to me is that on a one-on-one battle, the chance of a critical hit, could end the game quite abruptly, where-as having another plane or two in there would create other nuances.

    Anyway - thanks for posting, it's made me take the planes out of their purchase box for a good look.

    1. Yes, a critical ending a one-on-one game suddenly is always possible, but certainly not unrealistic. As you say, multiple aircraft is the way to go, and is part of the design parameters of the game.


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