Sunday, 14 May 2017

Comic Gong 2017

I noticed that I haven't blogged about Comic Gong much since the first event was held, back in 2013. Comic Gong is Wollongong's one-day festival of comics, popular culture and nerdery in general. It started off as a small event held in an outlying library, but proved so popular that in 2014 it was moved to the town hall, and covers that building, the main city library and the art galley, as well as the plaza which connects the three venues.

The best thing about it? Its free! It's run by the local council and mostly organised by the library service.

And it attracts an excellent crowd of people, all of who seem to enjoy themselves. There are various events and displays during the day, you can meet local artists and buy your basic nerdy stuff.

Ex Manus Studios attend every year, selling their small, but lovely, range of figures. I have a few (unpainted) in my collection.

And there is, of course, cosplay.

Ariel is Tess, one of my daughter's friends. You'll see them together later. Apparently she and Ursula spent the rest of the day avoiding each other, because if they met up they were accosted by crowds of children wanting to have their picture taken with the pair.

My favourite outfit, purely because I love that handmade skirt.

And my favourite cosplay - George R R Martin with the Death Note book.

Did I cosplay, you ask? Certainly I did. Catherine and I paired up this year. She channelled her inner David Tennant and went as as the mind-controlling Kilgrave ...

... whilst I portrayed his nemesis, Alias Investigations private eye, Jessica Jones.

Sadly we didn't get any really good pictures of ourselves, but we'll be repeating these cosplays at Supanova in June, so hopefully we'll do better then.

However the featured cosplay for this blog is our daughter Maya's - Tinkerbell.

She made the dress and props herself, as well as modifying the wig and shoes. Her friends went as Aerial and Belle (seen here with one of the Comic Gong organisers as Jane Jetson).

Needless to say she was popular with little girls wanting to have their picture taken with her. And she lapped up the attention. (That's not a little girl; it's her friend Makayla)

Anyway, she looked fantastic.

As I said, we'll be off to Supanova, we hope, so there may be more of these costumes in another post.


  1. Thanks for these lovely photos, your daughter is a terrific Tinkerbell. On Saturday night I was helping the parish youth group by acting in a murder mystery dinner theatre thingy. Most of the young adults in the group do cosplay/comicon stuff, and I was asking them if they thought a murder mystery at a comicon, where the characters are all playing characters, would work. They thought it was a terrific idea, but said I would have to write it, which is a challenge to my expertise as I can't tell the DC from the Marvell universes to save my life. Again, lovely photos. You are very fetching.

    1. You need to talk to my wife. After we ran a couple of those 'How To Host Your Own Murder' parties last year, she decided to write one of her own, so she has some idea of what you need to be able to put together.

      Her knowledge of Marvel/DC is about as good as yours though :)


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