Friday, 18 September 2015

A Night of Flames and Thrust

We had two games on the go last night. Bryan and Ralph played a Flames of War games set during the 1967 Six-Day War, featuring Israeli Shermans taking on Egyptian T55s (see, Ralph, I read the scenario you posted).

The Egyptians based their position on a piece of cheese.

The inevitable: Ralph + Tanks = Burning Tanks

Although Bryan managed some as well.

However eventually all of Ralph's were on fire, having not troubled the objective markers they were after at all.

The rest of us played Full Thrust, with a New Anglian Confederation force taking on the Neu Swabian League. There were a few rocks floating around as well.

NSL ships.

My part of our force - it included the Essex, captained by Sean Connery.

We exchanged fire. A few of the NAC destroyers were taken out, but the NSL ships suffered too, as heavy fire from the beams and torpedoes of the NAC ships concentrated their fire. Captain Connery made a small navigational error, though, which found the Essex too close to a rock. At that point it took a bridge hit, and could no longer change course ...

Did I say I'd not played Full Thrust in a while. I forgot how to turn and completely failed to judge distances. A destroyer flew into another asteroid ...

... then I finished up by piling my other cruiser into the same asteroid on which the Essex had met its end.

With Geoff's ships destroyed by more conventional means, that was pretty much it for the NAC fleet. And it's back to starship driving-school for me.


  1. I sense a challenge here Kaptain - I'll take some T-55s against your Shermans and we'll see whose tanks burn!
    Historically, I should have had Centurions - I think we would have seem fewer flames then...or maybe not...

    1. I managed to crash half of my starships into easily avoided rocks. I have nothing to be proud of :)

  2. The ships and star scape come up nicely in photos. Love the flames! Full Thrust was good fun with great models provided by Peter and Geoff. My Admiral Akbar T-shirt will be mandatory uniform for future games! As for the tank battle, I feel sorry for the Israelis from the outset. That's a formidable looking piece of cheese they have to assault!

  3. A fun game of FT.

    Ralph I am sure Centurions would have been a lot better. Those super sherman tanks were just mobile AT guns.


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