Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Gladiator Showcase - 1

Whilst I had all my gladiators out of their boxes I started taking pictures of small groups of them. And kept going. These pictures represent about half of my collection. I'll do the other half another day.

I'm slowly working through the figures making the shields look a little more colourful by painting abstract designs on them.

The figures are a mix from Gladiator (as was), Copplestone, Foundry, Shadowforge, Castaway and West Wind.

Longer-term readers of this blog will know that, a couple of years ago, I went through an exercise in which I named all of my gladiators. Each one has a little label on the underside of their base. The names are a mix of real gladiator names, some conjectural and a few flights of fancy.

Silvana, Melanippe, Toxaris

Spiculus, Cupido, Pugnax

Sartornilus, Culex, Murranus

Rufina, Vita, Andromache

Telamonius, Cygnus, Velintinus

Medusa, Marpesia, Artemisia

Priscus, Bregans, Syphax

Mongo, Severus, Crixus

Mordax, Ombos, Hero

Hilarus, Lucius, Aurius

Amazon, Lenia, Fabia

Alumnus, Scylax, Sabrata

Herminia, Helena, Hippolyte

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