Sunday, 22 June 2014

Winter Is Coming

A couple of weeks ago, my club tried a simple mapless HOTT campaign. They gave it a 'Game of Thrones' theme. Since we had planned it weeks in advance I used it as an opportunity to put together a new HOTT army but, as things turned out, I wasn't able to take part and left off finishing the army.

Well, this week, I completed it. Wildlings!

Now, I should say that I haven't read the books yet, so the army is based on (a) the TV series and (b) the figures I had available. If you want it's an army inspired by the 'Game of Thrones' Wildings.

The figures are mostly some I've had for ages; Kremlin Miniatures Siberian Tribesmen, now sadly out of production. When they released them several years ago I bought one of each pack so that I could see what they were like, planning on getting some more at a later date. Well, that won't be happening any time soon, but there were enough bits to throw together a HOTT army.

The army is as follows:

1 x Rider General @ 2AP (The King Beyond The Wall, or a Tribal Chieftain)
1 x Riders @ 2AP (Mounted Wildlings)
5 x Warband @ 2AP (Warriors)
2 x Shooters @ 2AP (Archers)
1 x Beasts @ 2AP (Skinchangers)
1 x Behemoth @ 4AP (Giant)

If I expanded the army I'd include a Hero maybe, and certainly find a place for a mammoth or two.

Here are the Warband.

The archers are lovely figures; some nice poses, and beautiful lamellar horn armour.

Here's a close-up of the armour.

And a rear-view showing the excessive back-piece.

The Riders are mounted on some great stumpy little ponies which really look like the mounts of tough steppe tribesmen.

The Beasts. I raided my wolf collection for this element, then added a couple of severed-head wielding figures to add the human component.

The giant. He's a Copplestone yeti I've also had for a few years. And he was a positive pleasure to paint.

The snow is done by coating the base in PVA and dipping in fine sand. I then painted it in white, gave it a second rough, incomplete coat in pale blue (with which I also edged the bases), then a final coat in white. The transparency of the final coat just shows bits of the blue and give the snow some shading.

Anyway, at some stage I guess I need to try this army out.


  1. As a Game of Thrones fan (read all the books and waiting to legally obtain latest season) you have done an excellent job on these guys.

  2. Awesome looking army, love the Copple stone Yeti miniatures - great figures, painting and basing

  3. Great colour schemes, right down to the basing - they look awesome. It will almost be a shame to kill them with my Trojans!

  4. Alan that is a Nice little army, lets see how it goes in the campaign. Peter

  5. Great work - very effective!

  6. Apologies - there was a comment here about the possibly future availability of these miniatures (vi MY Miniatures) but I accidentally deleted it.

    1. Yes, it was made by me informing you and your readers that Mick (of M.Y. Miniatures) had bought my moulds and is definitely bringing the range back.

      Regards - Russ Jackson (former owner/operator Kremlin Miniatures)

    2. Thanks Russ - that's good news indeed.

    3. Now available: excellent postal service as well


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